Does a Bear love food?.....What were you thinking?

My Favorite Food....Seconds!   

I can't remember a time, trip, or adventure not wrapped around a bite or two....or three!  A growing collection of menu's, food photo's, memories, and my missing six-pack (okay, so its been missing for a few years!).  These mementos all mark foodie's trail through life.  

Born in Indiana....just a few years back (easy my friends - my hearings just fine!), the melding of food with life begins at an early age.  A grandfather stops by a Terre Haute apartment each day to ask "How's the boy?"; and enjoy a few of Mom's warm, sugary, fresh-made doughnuts & coffee.  A connection we all share - family, food, and admit it everyone - a love of hot doughnuts and coffee!  We'll share this tasty treat in a future Bear Clog (a tasty cooking blog, not an artery clog!)

If at first you don't succeed....cook and eat it again!
My culinary travels began early; crisscrossing the USA in the backseat of an old Chevy.  A couple years in Europe, some time in Ohio  
The culinary travels of this foodie begin as I crisscross the USA in the backseat of an old Chevy and Buick; Nimrod in tow (click if your curious!).  Movin 'round was a way of life growing up - Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Jersey, then drop Buick/Nimrod and catch a plane.  Off to Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and old Yugoslavia.  Back to Ohio, and at 23 I wound my way to Colorado....a red hot culinary scene!  This past 30 years I've knocked around Colorado, revisiting the country, and world; one bite at a time.All foodies stories are the same, details a bit different.  Some foodies travel far; others close to home.  In common we all share a desire to discover, taste, explore, gather, hunt, fish, cook and EAT; we all hunt for ingredients, fish for the secret, gather out wits, explore get the idea! 

Food Memories....the appetizer is served!

A few years back I was a skinny little kid from the Midwest; YES....SKINNY LITTLE KID!  I was 8 or 9 and Mom introduces me to a delicacy known as Fried Squirrel & Gravy!  When cooked well, quite the tasty dish.  This little gem from back in the day was one example of how people truly understood the meaning of sustainable, local fare.  No Whole Foods back in the good ole days. (Good Ole Days? good lord how old am I?)  Uncles who hunted, fished and trapped - Grandmothers who raised chickens for eggs, gardens for vegetables - Mothers who introduced their kids to tasty local fare; that's how a foodie starts his journey.  Let's all keep it up and pursue our food passions - this site is all about mine!    

Never order from the right side of the menu!

In my youth I may have, occasionally, ordered from the right hand side of the menu; the one with the prices.  Most expensive must be the best regardless of the food....right? Cooks and chefs realize this is far from the truth; but damn fun back in the day!  It turns out that it tastes better when you grow, catch or harvest the food.  The closer to home we gather, the fresher and better the food.  Another thought.. the faster the animal the healthier the meat - think about it!  I believe you take something really tough; transform the ingriedient into something wonderful. If you want to really learn more about a food revolution - check out Jamie Oliver's site 

Get'er off the heat - LET"S EAT!

Enough about me - How 'bout:

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