What's a Bear do in the woods?
Hunt, fish, gather & cook along the path!
Photo Libraries
Springtime in Colorado
Duck Hunt
Elk Hunt Colorado
Red Rocks - Easter Sunday

Coming Soon

Mala Mala - South Africa  
Mashatu Botswana - South Africa 
Right here I'll share a few images collected on the path, maybe a video to two. Who do I see and what are they doing, more important, what was Bear doing when they captured his picture....'cause if you can't take it, you shouldn't dish it out (food pun's abound!).   

Wander by every so often and I'll share the images captured in our past and future journeys to the next great bite.  Check out the photo galleries below - or you can find recipes and stories over in Bear's Blog! Enjoy!

Springtime in Colorado 

Duck Hunt  - John Martin Reservoir

Elk Hunt Colorado  - White River National Forest

Red Rocks Sunrise 
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